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Virigen (Andriol)

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  • Virigen Testocaps

    General information:

    Manufacturer: Schering-Plough, Turkey
    Substance: Testosterone Undecanoate
    Pack: 30 caps (40 mg/cap)

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Andriol is testosteronewith the undecanoate ester attached, and produced in oral form. It represents the first real attempt to create an oral testosterone since Methyl testosterone. I can only assume that the scientists responsible for this wanted to create a viable alternative to both injectable testosterones (which, at least for Hormone Replacement Therapy, is inconvenient), as well as other oral forms of testosterone (which have traditionally been very harsh on the liver). What they came up with has proven to be a very odd steroid in many ways.

To create Andriol, the scientists involved had to come up with a solution to the problems facing methyltestosterone, namely the fact that it is harsh on the liver and needs to be taken in very high doses to produce decent results. What they did was put 40mgs of Testosterone Undecanoate in oleic acid (an oil), and encapsulate it. Now they use castor oil and propylene glycol laurate instead of oleic acid, but that only increases the shelf life, and doesn´t do anything else. For some of the aspiring chemists reading this, you may be asking yourself the obvious question. And the answer is yes, you can take almost any estrified drug (Nandrolone Decanoate, for example), and dissolve it in castor oil and propelyne glycol laurate, and create your own "Deca Caps" or whatever. The problem is that you´d need to be able to make sealed gel caps, not just the typical 2-part capsules most people throw steroid powder in. Anyway, I´m digressing; lets get back to Andriol. After you put some testosterone undecanoate in caster oil and propelyne glycol laurate, you´ll have a testosteronewhich is highly fat-soluble due to the (very large) undecanoate ester attached to it, and able to be absorbed through your small intestine via the lymphatic system. What this means is that it avoids the "first pass" through the liver, a process which could destroy much of the active steroid, and place an undue amount of stress on the liver. It also displayed a rapid absorption and turnover in one study(11), which may account for it´s ability to not cause unwanted side effects . It´s not bad for your blood pressure (13), and also has no adverse effects on the prostate and may even improve blood pressure(12)! Thus, Andriol is remarkably light on all side effects, especially those related to liver toxicity and estrogenic sides.

Andriol for Women

In this study, done with women, it even displayed no ability to lower LH and FSH (Leutenizing Hormone and Follicle Stimulating Hormone, respectively), which are the hormones that tell your body to make more testosterone (11). I doubt Andriol could be properly regarded as liver toxic or too damaging to your HPTA (Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Testicular-Axis, the thing that governs your body´s production of testosterone, among other things). at any kind of reasonable (or even excessive) dose. Actually, one study noted no adverse reactions or effects at all with the use of Andriol (10). As for your lipid profile and cholesterol, it has even been shown to have beneficial effects on them (14)!

So, putting some Testosterone Undecanoate in Gel Caps is what the scientists at Organon have done with their Andriolproduct, and it all looks good so far, right? The active steroid totally bypasses your liver and hence doesn´t get damaged by or damage your liver, and gets a bunch of Testosterone into your body. Great! But what happens next? Well, after the lymphatic system has brought the testosterone undecanoate into circulation in your body, the undecanoate ester begins to be removed. This would leave you with (roughly) 25mgs of testosterone in your blood stream, as the decanoate ester takes up a lot of "space" and the cap only contains a total of 40mgs of testosterone undecanoate (roughly 15mgs of which are ester). The end results from Andriolwould be very similar to the end result of injecting almost any form of testosterone (4), once your body removes the ester. But remember, you´d never inject 25mgs of testosterone suspension and call it a day, but that´s exactly what you are doing when you take only one Andriol cap.

So now you have 25mgs of testosteronefloating around in your body. That´s not much, so if you´re realistically considering using this product, you´ll need to take quite a few caps of this it. And there´s one of the first problems we encounter with this drug. You see, the method of administration of this drug provides us with a nice liver-safe product, but this stuff will peak your testosterone levels within around 2 hours after administration, and will only remain (at least slightly) elevated for 10 or so hours(1). Ideally, you´d be taking a capsule every 2 hours, which is inconvenient to say the least. Let´s be generous and say you can simply take one every 4 hours. Problem solved? Not really, because we´re going to need to take at least 2 caps with each dose if we want to see any sort of anabolic effect, and if we´re taking it every 4 hours (assuming we´re awake for 16hrs every day), then we´ll be taking around 8 caps per day. Now we´ve shifted the problem away from the effort needed to take an effective does to being a problem with economics.


Cost not withstanding, lets see what kind of Andriolside effects we can expect (besides the catabolic effect it will have on your wallet). Although it has a reputation for being very mild, you´ll still see some results from Andriol. One study using a very low dose on adolescent boys still showed a reasonable gain in Fat Free Mass(3) even though the boys were not training. And in another study focusing on the elderly, it improved their quality of life considerably (as androgens often do) (6), and also had beneficial effects on erectile dysfunction (7) (again, this is typical of androgens). This is certainly promising, but in a world where first time-ste In fact, it may even be a useful adjunct with Viagra for this purpose (8). However, in a world where first time steroid users expect upwards of 20lbs per cycle, I would suspect many will be disappointed with the 5lbs or so a cycle of Andriol will produce.


  • Apr 30, 2011 (02:20)

    I took these as recommended for the "higher dosage" lifters and more experienced users and didn't see much of a positive effect as I anticipated. Would have thought they would have done much more for the price but you win some and you lose some. I myself would rather stay with a methanabol oral, deca injectable, and some foem of a testosterone injectable as well to stack for a cycle. I am DYING to try out the cheque drops. Anyone got some good feedback on those for me???

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Virigen - Andriol (Testosterone Undecanoate) Discount Schering-Plough, Turkey