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Proviron - Mesterolone - Dragon Pharma, Europe

Proviron Detailed

Proviron Profile and Usage

Mesterolone Tablets were first developed by Schering in late 60's and was being sold under the brand name Proviron. It is a pure androgenic steroid with no anabolic activity whatsoever but it still has it's place among the muscle enhancement drugs. The Dragon Pharma Proviron tablets offered for sale here, can be fairly simple added to a stack. It is typically used along with other more anabolic substances such as Deca Durabolin to enhance their effect and prevent estrogenic side effects. This is because like most DHT derivative steroids, this compound does not convert to estrogen. It has even been shown to help block other steroids aromatization process as well. There are a few reasons bodybuilders opt for this specific pills other than just to enhance an anabolic steroid cycle. These reasons include bridging, helps improve sexual desire that can be lowered during a steroid cycle, impotency, helps with the low sperm count, as part of a treatment regiment to cure gynecomastia or to combat the testosterone reducing effects of aging.

Dosages and Usage

Medical treatment with proviron tablets typically follows the dosage of 50 - 100 mg/day split up into 2-4 doses taken in the morning and evening. For some people a single dose of 25 mg per day proves to be sufficient. In the old days, many people were taking one tab a day for extended periods as the increase in androgen caused by mesterolone helped with muscle hardness and this was quite important esspecially for those participating in different contests. But this is not the case anymore considering the wide range of other products available to help keep a ripped physique.

People looking to gain muscle by taking proviron should take note of the fact that due to how rapidly it is reduced to inactive metabolites in muscle tissue it is not a good steroid to bulk up. Stacking this compound along with a Testosterone blend like Testoviron or a DHT based steroid like Winstrol Depot is a good idea however, since it has a double action enhancing the anabolic effects of these substances. First it enhances these effects by preventing them from aromatizing into estrogen, and then it also helps out by effectively keeping busy the enzymes in muscle tissue that break down anabolics.

Typically when an athlete is discontinuing the use of Testosterone supplements he will need something to help kick-start natural testosterone production and reduce the effects of the temporary slump caused during the cycle. A 50-10 mg/day dosage of proviron (split out evenly throughout the day) is a good start, after the first week it’s recommended to reduce dosage by 25 mg/day. Mesterolone can do a great job in combating the buildup of estrogen in the body and keeping the levels low when used at 50 mg per day and stacked with 20 mg of nolvadex. Women using this compound will typically benefit from the added hardness and density of muscle tissue, while also enjoying an increased fat burning tendency and if they get the dosage too high, even a lower voice and possibly some chest hair. A single tablet of 25 mg per day should be more than enough for women wanting to use it in their cycle.

Post Cycle and Side effects

Proviron is a quite mild and safe steroids in terms of side effects when it is run at reasonable dosages. It is well tolerated by the liver as it is not 17-alpha alkylated. Nonetheless, it can cause problems in some areas since it's is an androgen so androgenic side effects may occur. In particular, it can cause oily skin, Male Pattern Baldness in those prone to this condition and also stimulate body and facial hair growth. Women wanting to use this drug should consider carefully it's virilization effects as development of masculin traits in females may occur. Higher dosages for prolonged periods of time has also been shown to affect the cardiovascular system and mess with the good and bad cholesterol level.

Common Cycle Protocols

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