Humatrope HGH (24mg) 72IU - Somatropin
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Made by Lilly, Turkey
Contains 24 mg (72 iu) of Somatropin
One injection cartrige

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Humatrope HGH (24mg) 72IU - Somatropin - Somatropin - Lilly, Turkey

Humatrope HGH (24mg) 72IU - Somatropin Detailed

Humatrope for sale as a BodyBuilding Enhancement Drug

Human growth hormone (Somatropin), as this product is otherwise known, has been quite popular for years among athletes and used by them to push it even further in terms of size and mass gains. What makes HGH different from all anabolic steroids is that it promotes growth of new muscle cells while steroids only help increase their size which gives a boots in size and mass. This hormone has in impact on the IGF-1 levels causing the liver to produce more of it. This two compound work pretty much together. IFG-1 plays an important role in facilitating some of the actions of human growth hormone. The use of Humatrope promotes an increase in circulating IGF-1 which in turn stimulates glucose and the uptake of amino-acid in muscles and the protein synthesis in muscles is improved as a result. This shows how somatropin plays an important role in protein metabolism.

Dosages and Usage

The level of HGH in the body declines with age which cause the number of muscle cells to stop growing. Running a Humatrope cycle you can actually have your body grow new cells. And since it also has an effect on the metabolism, those taking this hormone will be more active and have their excess body fat vanish. The good part for bodybuilders about this compound is that it promotes exclusively lean muscle mass gains and fat loss at the same time. But Humatrope delivers it's effects quite slow which makes it suitable mostly for long runs compared to anabolic steroids that can deliver more gains in shorter periods. There is no sens in taking it for less than 90 days for bodybuilding purpose. The average dosage is 2 iu daily taken 5 days a week and 2 days off. The average growth to expect from taking somatropin is 1 to 2 pounds of just lean mass every 3 to 4 weeks. Besides the muscle gains mentioned above, HGH will also help with recovery times, meaning one will need less time to be ready for the next workout.

Humatrope side effects

This compound has it's negative side like pretty much all other drugs. Some consider it causes the belly to extend, but it's not quite an effect of HGH but more an effect of it's misuse and overdose as some athletes tend to do more frequent injections than needed at higher dosages in a race for more gains. Some negative affects wroth mentioning are insulin resistance and in some cases type 2 diabetes as a result of this. Users of this hormone may also experience joint swelling and in rare cases they can develop an immune response to the administered somatropin. None the less, this hormone is much more safer than most of the anabolic steroids if used carefully and wisely.

Common Cycle Protocols

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