Frequently Asked Questions

1.Cancel Items or Orders

Orders can be canceled from the customer's side only if it was not paid for or no payment info was submitted.


1. Log in to your account.

2. Find the order you want to change and click on "Edit Order" if you want to make changes to it. Click on "More Info", scroll down and click on "Cancel Order" if you want to cancel it.

3. If you clicked on "Edit Order", it will open a new shopping cart. Make all the changes to your shopping cart and go through the checkout process again to save the changes.


It's not always possible to make changes or cancel orders once it was paid. Send us a message with the changes you want to make and our customer support will take care of this if possible. We can not cancel or edit orders that have already been shipped.

2.Change Shipping Address

You can change the shipping address from your account if the order was NOT paid yet.

Steps to take:

1. Log in to your account.

2. Go to ORDERS

3. Click Edit

4. Go through the checkout steps and fill in the new shipping address at step 2 of the checkout

You can't change it if the payment for the order has already been made. Send us a message with the new address and our customer support will change it on your order if possible.

3.Why did I get a different product than what I ordered?

Such mistakes are quite rare but they may happen. All you need to do is send us a message if you received the wrong products and we will take care of that.

4.I only received part of my order so far, why is that?

Your order may have been sent in 2 or more packages. Go to your order history to check the shipping info for the other packages

Send us a message if your second package was not delivered within 20 days after the shipping date.

5.Why does my order show Semi-Shipped?

Orders may be split up into 2 or more packages based on the size of the order and/or the products you ordered.

Semi-Shipped status means that only part of the order was sent. The rest of it will normally be shipped in 12 to 48 hours.

Send us a message if the shipping delay is longer than 5-7 WORKING days after payment date.

6.Is there a minimum order amount required?

There is no minimum order amount required. But there is a minimum payment amount we can receive with some of the payment methods. Some of the payment options may be unavailable if the order is under $100.

1.In which cases can I get a refund?

We do not refund if the order has already been shipped. We do offer a free reshipment/replacement if the package is lost in the mail, seized or you receive damaged/low quality products.

We will refund if the order has not been sent yet for different reasons.

2.How do I get a refund?

1. Send us a message if you want to request a refund for an order that has not been sent yet and you want to cancel. Our customer support will get back to you as soon as they can. The refund process may take some time so please be patient.

2. If you just want to cancel the order and use the money for other products/orders we will credit your account. You can use the credit later at any time, with any order.

3.How long it takes to get a refund?

It depends on the situation and on the payment method via which you choose to receive the refund. It normally ranges from 1 to 7 working days.

4.Can I have an order canceled and my account credited?

Yes. This can be done if your order has not been shipped yet. Send us a message with your request. We will cancel the order and add the money to your account balance. You can use it later towards any other order.

1.What payment methods do you accept?

We accept several cryptocurrency payment methods like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, USDT. We also accept a few other online payment services through which you can transfer money for your order using a debit or credit card. Some payment methods are locked for first time customers for security reasons. Contact our customer support to request the full list of payment methods available for you.

2.How do I pay for my order?

There are a few steps you need to take to pay for an order:

1. Login to your account, open the "My Orders" section and find the order you want to pay for there.

2. Click on the "Payment Information" option related to that order. This will open the list of payment options available for the order.

3. Choose the payment method you'd like to use and you'll receive the needed payment information and instructions.

4. We'll need you to submit the transaction info for your order for some of the payment methods so that we can pick up the payment.

To submit the transaction information, follow these steps:

1. Login to your account, open the "My Orders" section and find the order you paid for.

2. You'll see 3 payment groups in the list of options related to that order. Find and click on the link to the payment submission form for your payment method that is in one of those groups.

3. Fill the payment submission form with the correct transaction information.

1.How do I set up an account with you?

Follow this link:

Fill in the fields on that page and click submit.

There is no verification needed so you can log in immediately after that.

Send us a message if for some reason it does not work and we will be happy to help.

2.How can I change my account email address, name or password?

Login to your account and go to "My Info" section. Fill in the new information in the coresponding fields and click on update profile or change password buttons.

3.How can I restore my password?

Follow this link

Enter the email address you used to set up your account and click on "submit". The login info will be sent to your email address. You can change the password from the "My Info" section of your account.

1.Is there a tracking number? How can I track my package?

We will provide a tracking number for every package. You can find the tracking number in the shipping confirmation email that was sent to you. Or go to your order history, click on "more info" option related to your order and scroll down till you see the list of packages shipped for that order. The tracking numbers are posted there for each package.

You can track any package on

2.I was not home and the package was returned back, how should I proceed?

Please send a message to our customer support if your package was sent back.

We put fake return addresses on packages for security reasons. A returned package will be lost for good most of the times. Here's what you need to do to avoid this:

1. Make sure our emails are not getting into the spam folder.

2. Login into your account once you got an email confirming shipping, go to MY ORDERS open the needed order, and see there the shipped packages, tracking numbers, and expected arrival dates for each package. Or send us a message to get the shipping info.

3. Track your packages every 7-10 days to make sure you don't miss the delivery. Most mail carriers keep packages for 30 days at the post office in case of an unsuccessful delivery and you can pick them up later.

3.What is the normal T/A?

We normally ship orders within 1 to 3 business days after receiving cleared payment. The average arrival time for most of the packages is 10 to 16 days after the shipping date. But, since nothing is perfect in this world, mail delays may occur and it can take longer then expected. Have a little patience if the package is there within the normal arrival time as it is most probably delayed.

Contact us if your package is not delivered within 25 days after the SHIPPING day.

4.Why isn’t my tracking number working?

The shipping company may be slow at updating tracking info or it won't update any info until the package clears the customs in your country. This depends on the country the package is sent to. Send us a message if you think something is wrong with the package.

5.My package is stuck and not moving anymore, what do I do?

Mail delays can happen to any package so please have a little patience. Send us a message if the package has not move for more than 7 days.

1.How can I be sure I will receive high quality products?

We care a lot for the quality of our service and products, and to be able to offer the best quality we have to thoroughly verify each supplier we get our inventory from. We monitor any complaints and/or product reviews we receive from our customers the entire product batch will be removed from our inventory if there is suspicion there might be bad products in that batch. We put great effort in this whole process, but it still may happen that we send a lower quality product, although this is very rare. We will replace any bad product with the same products from another batch or a similar product of a totally different brand.

2.I think I got a bad product.

We guarantee the quality of every product we ship and we do our best to remove bad product from our inventory. Although it happens very rare, some lower quality products may be sent. Contact our customer support if you think you received a bad product, let them know why you think there is something wrong with the product and they'll be eager to help you.

3.Where can I see lab tests?

Since we work directly with the manufacturers, we'll always request the lab test results from them for every batch we receive at our warehouses. This is why we rarely send produts for a lab test ourselves. You can check the lab test results of pretty much any product on the manufacturers website.

1.How do I use these products?

Use these products according to your doctor's recommendation if you're buying it for a medical condition.

As preformance-drugs the products we sell are not magic pills. It won't do much, if anything, without a proper workout routine and diet. The best way is to workout without steroids for a few years until you develop a solid workout and diet habit.

If you're sure you want to use our products and need advice contact us and we'll do our best help.

2.What is best for beginners?

We always advice people that are just entering the weight lifting or bodybuilding world to train without steroids for a few years, at least until they have a solid workout and diet habit, otherwise you can't take advantage of the benefits of these products. Ideally, you'd want to workout without steroids until you reach a limit you feel you can't grow any bigger and stronger without an extra push.

Contact usif you're sure you want to use any of our produts and we'll be glad to help.

1.Do you have any promos, or offer credits or cashback?

Yes, we do offer a 10% cashback in the form of store credit that can be used with the any future orders.

This credit is not offerered in a few situations:

- If you received a discount for that order being it due to a sitewide sale or any other promos and discounts.

- For some specific products which are discounted.

When you place the order and follow the steps on the screen you will see how much store credit you will get. If you alrady have some credit with us, you can apply it to your order from the shopping cart before you proceed to checkout.

2.Do you have any Loyalty Programs?

Yes, we do.

Long-time customers benefit from special offers from time to time or have special prices always.

Long time customers are considered customers with a minimum of 11 successful orders

3.Do you have a Referral Program?

We do have a referral program, which you can take advantage of to earn store credit. Check the "My Referral" section of your account. Share the link you'll find there with your friends and you can earn 10% of the cost of their orders. And to motivate your friends to use your link to sing up, they will receive free shipping on their first order.

1.Are these products legal?

Please consult your country's laws.

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