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Estandron Prolongatum

Estandron Prolongatum Image 10.00 USD 16.00 USD
  • Estandron

    General information:

    Manufacturer: Organon, Turkey
    Substance: Testosterone Propionate, Phenylpropionate and Isocaproate
    Pack: 1ml amp (100mg/ml)

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Estandron Prolongatum by Organon, Turkey is a steroid injection which contains 100 mg per ml of the hormone Testosterone in three various esters, and it is available in a ml ampoule. Bodybuilders and athletes who are looking to use Estandron Prolongatum will choose a dose devided to three days a week and stack it in almost any steroid cycle.
bodybuilders who are looking on using Sustanon 500 must stack an anti-estrogenic product in their cycle for maintaining the estrogen levels at a low rate. A good choise would be Nolvadex, Arimidex or Proviron. Bodybuilders who are using high doses of Sustanon 500 will notice that stacking Femara or Exedrol will give them a more efficient anti-estrogenic effect. By being an androgenic steroid, Testosterone can produce several androgenic side effects, so if you'll notice that you've got oily skin, than you should know that it is OK, just use a proper PCT.
Stacking Estandron Prolongatum with Equipoise or Deca Durabolin is really efficient if your looking to do a bulking cycle. Many bodybuilders would add an oral steroid like Anadrol or Dianabol. For a cutting cycle many bodybuilders would prefer to add a trenbolone to their cycle, and an oral steroid like Anavar or Winstrol tabs.
At the end of the cycle bodybuilders and athletes will prefer to use a stack of Nolvadex, HCG and Clomid for about 3 weeks for an effective restore of testes functionality and the pituitary gland.


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Estandron Prolongatum (Testosterone Propionate, Phenylpropionate and Isocaproate) Discount Organon, Turkey