Human Growth Hormone

While Testosterone is a hormone that is responsible more for strength increase – Human Growth Hormone is mostly important for sculpting an optimal body composition. Growth hormone works by redirecting the protein molecules directly into muscle cells and making the human body use its fat as an energy resource.

This hormone is secreted in several stages during the day by a part of the brain called hypophysis, mostly during sleep. All you need for getting the maximum level of secretion of this hormone is going to sleep on time, the deepest you fall asleep the better.

The second stage, by the amount of hormone released into the bloodstream, happens as a result of the workout. Some of the methods to increase secretion of this hormone are: Highly intensive workouts (cardio exercises and fitness won’t help), as well as the medium amount of repetitions (about 10) plus relatively short breaks between sets (60 seconds or less), helps achieve a higher concentration of growth hormone in the bloodstream compared to fewer repetitions and longer breaks between sets.

Muscles are filled to the top with decayed substances like lactic acid 30 to 60 seconds after 10 repetitions set, which causes muscles to hurt. A higher level of lactic acid is capable of increasing the release of growth hormone so when your muscles hurt and burn as hell during workouts – smile as this means the growth hormone is there and you’re getting bigger. Besides the positive influence on burning fat and promoting protein synthesis, the HGH has a pretty beneficial effect on joints including joint cartilage.

Bodybuilders have more conjunctive tissue in their muscles than have other athletes in other sports, and this is understandable since their workout routine is based on a lot of sets and repetitions that lead to an increased level of lactic acids and as a result an increased level of growth hormone released into the bloodstream. An important fact about growth hormone secretion is that it diminishes when the bodybuilder is overeating carbohydrates.

This is why a diet based on an equal amount of fat and carbohydrates ensures a better body composition compared to eating low-fat food but with a high amount of carbohydrates. Also consuming a higher amount of fats after workouts can prevent the growth hormone from getting to your muscles. Thus one should limit the diet to only protein and carbohydrates immediately after the workout and leave the fats for a later hour.

HGH has a powerful anabolic and anti-catabolic effect that enhances protein synthesis in the body, helps to reduce the deposition of subcutaneous fat, which leads to an increase in the ratio of muscle mass to fat. Thus, for those who want to “dry out” for the summer season, this is an excellent peptide, and even more so, growth hormone in bodybuilding is indispensable for those who are preparing for competitions. It can have an even greater effect when combined with other anabolic steroids or supplements that stimulate the maintenance or growth of muscle mass.

Many researchers agree that a cause of aging is the decrease in the production of Human Growth Hormone. Dr. Ronald Klatz, President of the Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine of America, says, "Aging is most associated with a decrease in growth hormone production in the adult body."

According to a study on human growth hormone, at age 21, the normal level of growth hormone is 10 milligrams per deciliter of blood, and at the age of 61, growth hormone levels decrease by 80% to 2 milligrams. Growth hormone is responsible for the growth of cells, bones, muscles, and organs, and it is this hormone that is responsible for the aging process after 30 years.

May 7, 2023


Articles Image Human Growth Hormone
May 7, 2023
Human Growth Hormone

While Testosterone is a Hormone that is responsible more for strength increase – Growth Hormone is mostly important for sculpting an optimal body composition. HGH works by redirecting the protein molecules directly into muscle cells...

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