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Oxandroplex 10mg

Oxandroplex (Oxandrolone) was introduced in the year 1964, when Searle came out with the original Oxandroplex. It quickly became the popular drug in the sports crowd for people looking for a safer alternative to the major steroid at the time, Methanoplex (Methandienone). It remained one of the best-sellers for well over 2 decades until it was indefinitely discontinued in the year 1989. Much to the regret of the recreational bodybuilding and powerlifting community.
Oxandroplex (Oxandrolone) is not very toxic, not very androgenic, mildly anabolic, and pretty mild on the body´s HPTA (Hypothalamic-Testicular-Pituitary-Axis). Those are its 4 major points, and I´d like to examine each one a bit further; as usual, gym-rumors and internet conjecture has made this steroid the subject of many misconceptions.
An intrinsically weak steroid with a high price-tag and low availability, Oxandrolone owes its large popularity due to its safety. In sharp contrast to oxymetholone, Oxandrolone is quite generally considered to be the safest of all steroids. Its effects are more than well-documented and have been for a few decades now. The medical community values Oxandrolone as a safe alternative for more harmful steroids, which is why it is considered safe for use in children and even in patients suffering hepa-toxicity as the result of alternate steroid use.
Oxandrolone also has little effect on the body's own natural hormone production. The negative feedback was found to be very minor, meaning that during short term use no suppression of Gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH, start of natural testosterone production) was noted. This meant that whatever gains made, as little as they may have been, were very easily maintained post-cycle. So there was also no use for products like Clomiplex (Clomiphene Citrate) or Tamoxiplex (Tamoxifen Citrate) in conjunction with Oxandrolone consumption. The easy to maintain low gains would indicate a low binding to the androgen receptor. While not extremely high, it should actually be noted that it does have quite decent binding to the androgen receptor. But the reason for its mild effects is quite likely the low dose used. Rarely if ever are doses higher than 20 mg used on a daily basis. Either because of convenience or due to the high price. But comparing that the doses of other steroids this is remarkably low. So its only logical the gains and side-effects aren't particularly notable.
For bodybuilders the best results are seen when stacking Oxandrolone with a highly androgenic compound. Either during a mass stack with aromatizable products to boost strength a little more, or in conjunction with a non-estrogenic compound. This is most beneficial since it can maintain lean mass, decrease appetite, improve sharpness of the muscle and keep strength levels up without giving increased androgenic risk (acne, prostate hypertrophy, hair loss) when stacked with pure androgens (stanozolol, drostanolone). For those looking for safe maintenance of muscle mass a stack of Oxandroplex with Primoplex 100 (Methenolone Enanthate) is not a bad investment (but a big investment). The common use of Oxandrolone is estimated, at 0.125 mg per pound of bodyweight. For men it should be closer to 0.2 mg per pound, for women 0.08 mg per pound per day.


Anabolic steroids work by stimulating the anabolic effect discussed earlier by binding or plugging into protein receptors in or on the cells that help create new proteins in the cells. This increased biological activity is called an increase in Ribonucleic Acid Activity (RNA Activity). The construction of new proteins helps increase muscle size and strength. Remember, this normally happens in the body. The steroids stimulate or increase this biological process by binding to the receptor sites on the protein cells.
Once a drug enters the body, the body begins to process the drug that includes four processes:

1. absorption
2. distribution
3. metabolism
4. excretion

Oxandrolone is an orally bioavailable anabolic steroid indicated to offset muscle catabolism. Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body, is stored in skeletal muscle, and is released in response to physiological stress. Depletion of glutamine is a causative factor in AIDS-related wasting. Body cell mass (BCM) represents total functioning cells; normally 60% BCM is muscle. Body Fat (BF) consists of metabolically inactive cells. Loss of BCM is the key factor in AIDS wasting morbidity and mortality. BCM and BF are accurately measured by bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA).


Side effects of steroids depend directly on the dosage.
There are many bodybuilders who take more steroids than they need to see the desired results.
There is no need to take five tablets or injections when one is just as effective.
So, the balance is needed to be kept here.
In rare cases, serious and even fatal cases of liver problems have developed during treatment with Oxandrolone. Contact your doctor immediately if you experience abdominal pain, light colored stools, dark colored urine, unusual fatigue, nausea or vomiting, or yellowing of the skin or eyes. These may be early signs of liver problems.


Because of its mild nature and the low doses generally used with Oxandrolone there is very little use for secondary compounds like anti-aromatase drugs, estrogen receptor antagonists or blood pressure medication. That in itself may somewhat make up for the high cost and little gains made on it.
On a cutting phase Oxandrolone makes a good match for 120-140 mcg of clenbuterol daily stacked with something in the nature of Halotestin or Winstrol. The combination improves muscle hardness and striation as well as support mass and strength retention. Experienced users would preferably add testosterone propionate or Equipoise no doubt, rather than Halotestin or Winstrol due to less hazard to the liver associated with those two drugs, especially Halotestin.
In stacks Oxandroplex is sometimes used to increase strength or help maintain it during mass phases. Oxandrolone obviously has very little to add in terms of mass compared to the other substances used to obtain such goals. It fades in comparison to test, Deca, Anadrol, D-bol and such. Nonetheless it is added quite often, perhaps because people assume it will make the overall stack less hazardous, but that's a myth of course. Frankly I would imagine there are better and cheaper things to waste your money on if mass is what you seek.
Mostly it is used for decent strength gains without gaining too much weight, particularly suited for weight- and powerlifters and martial artists. In that aspect, and in my humble opinion, Winstrol would be a good choice for a stack. 50 mg of Winstrol every day to every other day stacked with 30-40 mg of Oxandrolone daily would give a very good result in overall strength enhancement without adding a mentionable amount of weight to the frame.


Keep in mind this is all without any Post-Cycle-Therapy, and without any change in diet or training! And although many of the studies done on Oxandrolone use elderly men or young boys as the test subjects, some evidence suggests that many of the effects of Oxandrolone are not age dependant. If you are following the typical "time on = time off" protocol, this means you can lose a bunch of fat during your time on, then keep most (if not all) of it off until your next cycle. That makes it a great drug for athletes who are drug tested and need to be clean for their season, yet need to keep the fat/weight they lost on their cycle off& I´m thinking about wrestlers and other weight-class athletes. Oxandroplex is also the clear choice for a "spring-cutting" cycle, to look great at the beach and you can use it up until the summer starts, and then keep the fat off during the entire beach season!
Oxandroplex is great for strength and cutting purposes, but not for bulking or a lot of weight gain. In other words, what I´m saying is that everything you gain will be solid. Personally I am leaning towards a theory which basically purports that the more solid your gains are, the more you´ll keep (percentage-wise). It makes sense, when you think about it; people make a lot of weight gains on the highly water-retentive steroids (Dbol, A50, long estered testosteones, etc. ), but lose the greatest percentage of their gains afterwards. The same seems to be opposite for the steroids which cause less (or no) water retention ( Oxandroplex, Primoplex 100 (Methenolone Enanthate), Stanaplex 50 (Stanozolol), etc).
So why else may you keep such a high proportion of what you gained on ´var? Well, I think it may be due to it´s relatively light impact on the HPTA, which brings me to my final point; Oxandroplex will not totally shut down your HPTA, especially at lower doses (unlike testosterone, which will eventually do this even at a 100mg dose, or deca which will do it with a single 100mg dose). This could be due, at least partly, to the fact that Oxandroplex doesn´t aromatize (convert to estrogen).
Serum testosterone, SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin), and LH (Leutinizing Hormone) will be slightly suppressed with low doses of Oxandroplex, but less than with other compounds. FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) , IGF1 (Insulin Like Growth Factor 1) and HGH (Human Growth Hormone - Somatropin) will not be suppressed with a low dose of Oxandroplex, but will actually be raised significantly  as you may have guessed, and LH will even experience a "rebound" effect when you stop using Oxandroplex. If your endocrine system and HPTA are funtioning normally, you should be able to use Oxandroplex with minimal insult to it, and can even keep most of your values within the normal range.
Thus, Oxandroplex may even be ideal for use in bridges between cycles, (at very low doses under 10mgs perhaps), or as previously mentioned, for cutting/strength cycles at 50-100mgs.


Oxandroplex Dosage - Due to its being a mild steroid in every sense of the word, high amounts of Oxandroplex dosage are needed. It binds reasonably well to the AR, but pretty high doses are still needed and I would never suggest doing less than 20mgs/day. In fact, 20-80mgs are needed to start halting AIDS related wasting and recovering weight for burn victims  so that´s the range I´d recommend keeping your dosages in concerning this compound. Personally, I´d use 100mgs/day if I were ever going to try this stuff. Any less than this amount (20-100mgs) would be a waste. For women, however, I think 2.5-10mgs/day would suffice. Virilation is not a concern with this compound, as it is only very mildly androgenic. Water retention is also virtually nil with it.
Although Oxandroplex is an oral steroid, and has been alpha-alkylated to survive oral ingestion and the first pass through the liver, it´s still relatively mild in that respect too..., the unique chemical configuration of Oxandrolone both confers a resistance to liver metabolism as well as noticable anabolic activity. It would also appear that Oxandroplex appears not to exhibit the serious hepatotoxic effects (jaundice, cholestatic hepatitis, peliosis hepatis, hyperplasias and neoplasms) typically attributed to the C17alpha-alkylated AASs.  Oxandroplex has even been used successfully in some studies to heal cutaneous wounds, or to improve respiratory function (18). Both of these novel properties could make it a good choice for in-season use for boxers, Mixed Martial Arts competitors, and other such athletes.


Now here´s some interesting stuff for anyone interested primarily in the fat loss properties of this stuff: Oxandroplex may be what we´d call a "fat-burning steroid". Abdominal and visceral fat were both reduced in one study when subjects in the low/normal natural testosterone range used Oxandroplex. In another study, appendicular, total, and trunk fat were all reduced with a relatively small dose of 20mgs/day, and no exercise. In addition, weight gained with ´var may be nearly permanent too. It might not be much, but you´ll stand a good chance of keeping most of it. In one study, subjects maintained their weight (re)gains from Oxandroplex for at least 6 months after cessation! Concomitantly, in another study, Twelve weeks after discontinuing Oxandrolone, 83% of the reductions in total, trunk, and extremity fat were also sustained ! If you´re regaining weight, Oxandroplex will give you nearly permanent gains, and if you are trying to lose fat (and you keep your diet in check), the fat lost with Oxandroplex is basically looks to be nearly permanent. Check this chart out:

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