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Jintropin 50IU -  - Europharm

Jintropin 50IU

Manufacturer: Europharm
Substance: Human Growth Hormone ( Somatropin [rDNA origin] )
Pack: 1 kit (5 vials 10 iu/vial)
127.50 USD 170.00 USD
You will save 42.50 USD
Out of stock
Humulin R -  - Lilly, Turkey
Lilly, Turkey

Humulin R

Manufacturer: Eli Lilly
Substance: Human Insulin
Pack: 1 vial (100 iu/ml)
36.75 USD 49.00 USD
You will save 12.25 USD
Out of stock
Ansomone 10IU -  - Anhui Anke Biotechnology LTD
Anhui Anke Biotechnology LTD

Ansomone 10IU

Manufacturer: Anhui Anke Biotechnology LTD
Substance: Human Growth Hormone ( Somatropin [rDNA origin] )
Pack: 1 kit (10 vials 10 iu (33.3mg)/vial)
300.00 USD 400.00 USD
You will save 100.00 USD
Out of stock
Somastim - Somatropin - Western Biotech
Western Biotech


Made by Western-Biotech
Contains 191-aa Somastropin 10 iu/vial
10 vials of 10 IU each

225.00 USD 300.00 USD
You will save 75.00 USD
Out of stock
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Human Growth Hormone often knows as Peptides represent hormone based on protein named peptide that is produced in the pituitary gland. HGH are lined for medicine used especially for tissue repair, brain function, physical and mental health but at the same time it is used by athletes and bodybuilders for increasing muscles and to improve their performance. Peptides accelerate formation of protein in the body.

HGH is well known in bodybuilding because of its proprieties of helping athletes to get wanted muscular body. Another positive thing about Peptides is that it helps to recovery time between workouts in shorter time. Also it is preferred by bodybuilders who participate in contests because it has low risk of detection than other drugs used buy sportsmen. Human Growth Hormone helps on increasing energy and improving.

Here are the most often used peptides that will help you to achieve your goals: Hygetropin, Hugotropin (HCG), Igetropin IGF-1 L3, HCG Pregnyl, and other that you can purchase from our site.

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