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Cheque Drops - Mibolerone - Dragon Pharma, Europe
Dragon Pharma, Europe

Cheque Drops

Made by Dragon Pharma
Contains 250 mcg/tab of Mibolerone
Count: 100 tabs

37.50 USD 50.00 USD
You will save 12.50 USD
Out of stock
Primotab - Methenolone Acetate - BodyPharm


Made by BodyPharm LTD
Contains 25 mg/tab of Methenolone Acetate
Count 100 tabs

4 to 6 hours half-life
4 to 5 weeks Detection time
Aromatization: None

118.50 USD 158.00 USD
You will save 39.50 USD
Out of stock
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Oral steroid

Many and athletes prefer to use in their cycles steroids in pills and tablets. It is because taking oral steroids bodybuilders often obtain expected results. Strong and well defined muscles can be obtained in short time when taking correct steroid cycles. For better result some athletes prefer to combine oral steroids with injectable one.

But taking into consideration that most of oral steroids are c-17 alpha-alkylated they can be toxic on liver. One positive thing about oral steroid is that they stay in body less than injectable one.

The most popular steroid in bodybuilding are: Clenbuterol, Winstrol, Anavar, Dbol and others.

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