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Glifor - Metformin -  Bilim Pharmaceutic, Turkey
Bilim Pharmaceutic, Turkey


Manufacturer: Bilim
Substance: Metformin HCL
Pack: 100 tabs (1000mg/tab)
22.50 USD 30.00 USD
You will save 7.50 USD
Klomen - Clomiphene Citrate - Kocak Farma, Turkey
Kocak Farma, Turkey


Manufacturer: Kocak Pharma, Turkey
Substance: Clomiphene Citrate
Pack: 10 tabs (50 mg/tab)
18.75 USD 25.00 USD
You will save 6.25 USD
Lasix Inj - Furosemide - Aventis Pharma Limited
Aventis Pharma Limited

Lasix Inj

Manufacturer: Aventis Pharma Limited
Substance: Furosemide
Pack: 5 amps (20 mg/2 ml)
51.00 USD 68.00 USD
You will save 17.00 USD
Lasix Tabs - Furosemid - Aventis Pharma Limited
Aventis Pharma Limited

Lasix Tabs

Manufacturer: Aventis Pharma Limited
Substance: Furosemide
Pack: 12 tabs (40 mg/tab)
66.75 USD 89.00 USD
You will save 22.25 USD
LIV 52 - Herbal Complex:Terminalia Arjuna - Himalaya, India
Himalaya, India

LIV 52

Manufacturer: Himalaya India
Substance: Herbal Complex
Pack: 100 caps (bottle)
10.50 USD 14.00 USD
You will save 3.50 USD
Proviron (Schering) - Mesterolone - Bayer Schering, Turkey
Bayer Schering, Turkey

Proviron (Schering)

Manufacturer: Schering Turkey
Substance: Mesterolone
Pack: 20 tabs (25 mg/tab)
31.50 USD 42.00 USD
You will save 10.50 USD
Tamoxifen 10mg (Deva) - Tamoxifen Citrate - Deva

Tamoxifen 10mg (Deva)

Manufacturer: Deva
Active Ingredient: Tamoxifen Citrate
Count: 30 tabs (10 mg per tab)

15.00 USD 20.00 USD
You will save 5.00 USD
Xtane 25mg - Exemestane - Natco Pharma, India
Natco Pharma, India

Xtane 25mg

Manufacturer: Natco Pharma India
Substance: Exemestane
Pack: 30 tabs (25 mg/tab)

71.25 USD 95.00 USD
You will save 23.75 USD
Tamodex - Tamoxifen Citrate - Sciroxx


Manufacturer: Sciroxx
Substance: Tamoxifen Citrate
Pack: 50 Tabs (20mg/tab)

22.50 USD 30.00 USD
You will save 7.50 USD
Aldactone - Spironolactone - Aris


Manufacturer: Aris
Substance: Spironolactone
Pack: 16 tabs (100 mg/tab)
17.25 USD 23.00 USD
You will save 5.75 USD
Arimidex - Anastrozole - Sciroxx


Made by Sciroxx
Contains 1 mg/tab of Anastrozole
Count: 50 tabs

40.50 USD 54.00 USD
You will save 13.50 USD
Letrodex - Letrozole - Sciroxx


Made by Sciroxx
Contains 2.5 mg/tab of Letrozole
Count: 50 tabs

33.00 USD 44.00 USD
You will save 11.00 USD
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After finishing steroid cycle every bodybuilder have the same goal - to keep their body balanced as during the workout. But it is not easy as it feels. After usage of almost all anabolic steroids, production of important hormone, especially testosterone, in your body decrease. And at this time you should start you Post Cycle Therapy. It is considered important key in steroid cycles because it can guaranty an effective result. Without PCT in very short time you can lose considermuscle able tissue that was gained during long workout. With such ancillaries products as Clenbuterol, T3, Proviron, Nolvalex, Tamoximed and others you will quickly restore your natural production of hormone. These substances work as selective estrogen receptor modulator.
For guaranteed results many bodybuilders stay on PCT regime for about 3-4 weeks, in dependence of steroid cycle taken before.

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